Assignment 0


Assignment 1

Boolean Logic

Assignment 2

Binary Math

Assignment 3

Sequential Logic

Assignment 4


Assignment 5


Assignment 6

Stack Arithmetic

Assignment 7

Virtual Machine: Control Flow

Assignment 8

High Level Language

Assignment 9

Scanning and Pixels

Assignment 10


Assignment Policies

  • Use a file called README.txt in the assignment folder (e.g. 01/README.txt) to document anything the grader should know about your assignment, including things that don't quite work, different approaches, etc.
  • To turn in your assignments, please check them into your subversion repository before the deadline. Assignments not in your repository will be considered late.
  • There is a 20% penalty per day for late assignments.
  • You may use two virtual late coupons to extend the deadline of an assignment for a week with no penalty. To use one, you must email cse365 @ BEFORE the deadline.