Quick Install

  1. Check out your Subversion repository at
  2. Execute the .bat (Windows) or .sh (Mac/Linux) scripts in the tools directory.

Full Version

Accessing your Subversion Repository

Open a terminal and type
svn checkout cse365
It will prompt you for your WUSTL key password. This will download your repository into a folder called cse365.

Install TortiseSVN if needed (It is already installed on the lab machines). In the folder of your choice, right click and select "TortoiseSVN >> Checkout". That should bring up a dialog box. For URL of the repository, you should put You can then change the name of the directory that will get created in the Checkout directory box. Leave everything else as it is, and click ok. It will prompt you for your WUSTL key and password. Fill that in and click ok.

Running the Software

Running the software should be as easy as double clicking the appopriate script, either the .bat (Windows) or .sh (Mac/Linux). The scripts are located in the tools directory of your repository.