Writing Code

Some of the assignments require you to write code. These assignments can be completed in Java, Python or C/C++. Code stubs for Java and Python will be provided. I prefer if you write in Java or Python. The caveat with using C/C++ is that you have to make it easy on the graders. We will not spend much time trying to debug why your code doesn't compile.

Compiling Code


Code will be compiled by running javac *.java using Java Compiler 1.7.


The code will not be compiled for obvious reasons.


The code will be compiled by running Make

Running Code

Each assignment will specify how the code will be run. For example, for the assembler, the following commands and command line arguments will be used.
  • Java - java Assembler Something.asm
  • Python - python assembler.py Something.asm
  • C/C++ - ./assembler Something.asm

General Guidelines

  1. Please remove any code you don't use from your repo, i.e. if using Java, remove the Python folder.
  2. These assignments should be completed only using the standard libraries. If you have a question about using a library, ask.
  3. Don't change the structure of the code, and use all the outlined methods.