Jack OS Error Codes

1Sys.waitDuration must be positive
2Array.newArray size must be positive
3Math.divideDivision by zero
4Math.sqrtCannot compute square root of a negative number
5Memory.allocAllocated memory size must be positive
6Memory.allocHeap overflow
7Screen.drawPixelIllegal pixel coordinates
8Screen.drawLineIllegal line coordinates
9Screen.drawRectangleIllegal rectangle coordinates
12Screen.drawCircleIllegal center coordinates
13Screen.drawCircleIllegal radius
14String.newMaximum length must be non-negative
15String.charAtString index out of bounds
16String.setCharAtString index out of bounds
17String.appendCharString is full
18String.eraseLastCharString is empty
19String.setIntInsufficient string capacity
20Output.moveCursorIllegal cursor location