3.2.8 Execution procedure for licensing utilities

Products: ABAQUS/Standard  ABAQUS/Explicit  



The FLEXnet Licensing utilities provided with the ABAQUS release may be executed by running the execution procedure and specifying the licensing parameter. Executing this command without additional arguments displays a command usage summary of all available FLEXnet Licensing utilities.

For a detailed description of all of the FLEXnet Licensing utilities, refer to the FLEXnet Licensing End User Guide Version 10.8 listed under Support & ServicesTechnical SupportLicensing on the ABAQUS Home Page. Several of the most useful licensing utilities are listed in the command summary below.

Command summary

abaqus licensing
[lmstat | lmdiag | lmpath | lmtools]

Command line options


This option displays information relating to the location and features served by the FLEXnet Licensing servers used to serve the ABAQUS license. Additional arguments may be used with this command to generate more license usage information.


This option displays information relating to the various FLEXnet Licensing features and indicates whether or not the feature may be checked out.


This option can be used to control where ABAQUS looks for licenses. Additional arguments are used to print, set, or add license location information. Running the command without arguments will display the command summary for each action.


This option starts the FLEXnet Licensing toolchest on Windows platforms. This application can be used to invoke most FLEXnet Licensing administration tool functions.