3.2.7 Execution procedure for ABAQUS HTML documentation

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ABAQUS HTML documentation is installed separately from the product installation and viewed through a web browser. See Chapter 2, Installing ABAQUS,” of the ABAQUS Installation and Licensing Guide, for information on installing the ABAQUS HTML documentation.

The HTML documentation consists of the following books (unless otherwise indicated, the HTML books are identical to the printed manuals):

Using ABAQUS HTML documentation

To view the HTML documentation:

  1. Type abaqus doc

    The HTML documentation uses a web browser to open a browser window and display the ABAQUS HTML documentation collection window. The collection window lists the book titles in the collection grouped by category. The web browser that is selected depends on the platform as follows:

    Windows platforms

    The HTML documentation uses your default web browser.

    UNIX and Linux platforms

    The HTML documentation searches the system path first for Mozilla, then for Firefox, and then for Netscape. The HTML documentation uses the first browser it locates during this search. If none of these browsers is found in the system path, an error is displayed.

    The browser_type and browser_path variables can be set in the environment file to modify the behavior of this command. For more information, see System customization parameters, Section 4.1.4 of the ABAQUS Installation and Licensing Guide.

  2. Click the title of a book to display it.

    A book window opens in a new browser window. The book window contains four frames: the navigation frame (top frame), the expand/collapse frame (upper left frame), the table of contents frame (lower left frame), and the text frame (right frame).

  3. Navigate through the book's content in any of the following ways:

    • Use the buttons in the expand/collapse frame to vary the level of detail displayed in the table of contents frame.

    • Use the back and forward arrows in the text frame to navigate sequentially through the text. You can also use the web browser functions to return to recently viewed pages.

    • Expand the topic headings in the table of contents by clicking the book icon to the left of the heading. To jump directly to a section whose title is displayed in the table of contents, click that title.

    • Use the search panel located in the navigation frame to search for specific words or phrases.

For more detailed information on viewing and searching the HTML documentation, refer to the online book Using ABAQUS Online Documentation.

Command summary

abaqus doc