3.2.9 Execution procedure for ASCII translation of results (.fil) files

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The abaqus ascfil translation facility:

  • is provided to convert results (.fil) files (produced by an ABAQUS analysis) to ASCII format for porting between dissimilar operating systems;

  • permits the movement of results data to a different system for postprocessing; and

  • can also be used to convert a results file in ASCII format to binary format to save disk space.

Command summary

abaqus ascfil

Command line options


This option specifies the input and output file names to use during results file translation. The job-name value is used as the default input file name. The translated output file will have the name job-name.fin.

If the input file is in binary format (default), this utility will create the job-name.fin file in ASCII format. To transfer the results file back to binary format after porting to a dissimilar operating system, rename the job-name.fin file to job-name.fil, and use this utility again; the resulting job-name.fin file will be in binary format.

If this option is omitted from the command line, you will be prompted for this value.


This option specifies the name of the input file if it is different from job-name.


To convert the results file c4.fil from binary to ASCII format, use the following command:

abaqus ascfil job=c4
The translated file will have the name c4.fin.