How to Test Run Files from your Local Host

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For our project, one of the most helpful debugging tools for our code was testing the files on the web. In order to do this, we worked on our local host, which is the term used for the identification of your laptop with respect to the internet.

  1. Download XAMPP from
  2. Hit “yes” when prompted to continue with installation.
  3. Change User Account Control on your computer to “never notify.”
  4. Follow the steps for installation.
  5. Open the XAMPP Control Panel.
  6. Hit “start” for Apache and MySQL and confirm that they are running.
    2017-04-29 (1).png

  7. Save your files in the C:/XAMPP/htdocs folder.
  8. Navigate to your local host browser: http://localhost/.
  9. Add the name of your file behind the last “/” in the url, and this should open your file in your browser.