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Have you ever left the house and, hours later, fretted over whether you locked your door? It's a familiar feeling--and one that can be avoided. Our project can be used to solve this all-too-common problem. Through our website interface, a user can remotely lock their door and eliminate the worry associated with common forgetfulness. Using the website, a user will be able to command the physical aspects of our design to activate a servo which pushes the door's lock into place.

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Group Members

  • Clayton Keating
  • Savannah Rush
  • Nathan Schmetter (TA)


We will achieve success with this project if we are able to effectively lock and unlock a door from a range of 100+ meters using the built in WiFi on the Raspberry Pi via a website. Specifically, the communication between the site and the locking mechanism is the focus of this success and must execute without error for success to be achieved. Additionally, our project has the potential to include more features, such as motion sensors and alarms for further home security.

Our final project demonstration will consist of short and long range tests of the system to show off the locking mechanism's realistic use.


  • Familiarization with Raspberry Pi
  • Building a housing mechanism such that it can be attached to a door
  • Ensuring that the app cannot lock you out of your own home
  • Maximizing range of communication between locking mechanism and web application
  • Ensuring security of the website

Gantt Chart



Total Budget: $88.29