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Grocery Guru


Our barcode scanner for the Grocery Guru app

In order to scan a barcode in an application, you must implement an AV Foundation into your code.


The following steps explain the main components of coding a barcode scanner:

  1. Create a new View Controller in Xcode so that the barcode scanner is contained on a separate page in your application.
  2. Import the AV Foundation at the top of your code in order to allow your personal usage of barcodes that are already provided. Therefore, you do not need to individually code barcode images and UPC numbers.
  3. Create an object that captures low quality images of a barcode.
  4. Set the type of barcode you want to scan (EAN-13, UPC, Code 128, etc.)
  5. If a barcode is found, quit running the scan
  6. Encode the image of the barcode into a UPC number. In this case, you will do so as a string.
  7. Let the user know a barcode has been found with a personalized notification.
  8. Send the UPC to the API to find the item that is connected with this particular barcode.

For a more detailed description as well as the code we used in our implementation, visit This contains the View Controller used for the barcode scanner of our application.