Your username is the one provided on the initial survey. The password is initially your student id number. Any changes made to the password must be done per machine. If you'd like to change your password on all machines, email the professor with your desired password. There are SSH keys created for you in the directory that can be used on all machines as well.


There will be two main git repos for you to use. The first is your assignments repo which will contain all the files for you to edit. It is located at
Any changes must be pushed back to the repo for grading.

The second repo is the cse550 repo which will contain multiple helper files/packages which you will NOT have to edit. It is located at


If you're working in a group, you only need to submit one repository. Make sure all members names are listed in the assignment's manifest.xml under author. If you don't want your repository graded, please put "NOGRADE" in the manifest.xml.

If you'd like multiple people to have push access to a repository, email the professor with all of the usernames in your group, and which repository you want them to have access to.

Final Submission

All code/files must be pushed to the repository by the due date/time. Any pertinent debugging information, README info or other things the grader should know should be placed in the manifest.xml under description.

Lab Machines

All of the lab machines and robots have static IP addresses on the cse550 wireless network. If you would like your laptop to have a static ip (and for the hostname to be recognized automatically), email your computer's name and MAC address to the professor.