3.2.25 Execution procedures for job execution control

Products: ABAQUS/Standard  ABAQUS/Explicit  



The execution procedures for job execution control include abaqus suspend, abaqus resume, and abaqus terminate. These utilities are used to suspend, resume, and terminate ABAQUS analysis jobs. Suspending an analysis job will stop its execution and release its license tokens to the free-token pool. Resuming an analysis will reactivate a suspended job and check out license tokens for that job if they are available. The job will be placed in the license queue if license tokens are not available. Terminating an analysis job will stop the executable for the analysis and release its license tokens. A terminated analysis job cannot be resumed.

Command summary

abaqus {suspend | resume | terminate}

Command line options

Required option


This option is used to specify the name of the analysis job to suspend, resume, or terminate.