3.2.6 Execution procedure for parametric studies

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The abaqus script facility indicates that a parametric study is to be done (see Scripting parametric studies, Section 15.1.1). Each analysis involved in the design can be executed using the execute command (see Execute the analysis of parametric study designs, Section 15.2.4). You can add any necessary ABAQUS execution options (refer to Execution procedure for ABAQUS/Standard and ABAQUS/Explicit, Section 3.2.2) to the execution command for each of the analyses by specifying them on the execOptions option of the execute command. If the script file contains references to other input files, these files must be located in the same directory as the script file. The files created by the execution of the script file are placed in the directory from which the ABAQUS execution procedure is run.

Command summary

abaqus script
[startup=startup file-name ]

Command line options


When a script file name is specified, the parametric study module is imported and the instructions in the parametric study script file are executed. If the script file name is omitted from the command line, the Python interpreter is initialized by importing the parametric study module.


This option specifies the name of the file containing Python configuration commands to be run at application startup. Commands in this file are run after any configuration commands that have been set in the environment file.


This option specifies that all configuration commands in the environment files should not be run at application startup. This option can be used in conjunction with the startup command to suppress all configuration commands except those in the startup file.


Use the following command to execute the Python script in a file named “parstudy.psf”:

abaqus script=parstudy
The following command will initiate a Python scripting session:
abaqus script
In a Python scripting session the following command will execute the Python script in a file named “scriptfile”: