Project Submission

In this course you will use subversion to submit your coding assignments. SVN is a great tool to automatically backup and submit your code.


The resources for this class assume you have access to some computer running Linux / Unix / Mac OSX / OpenBSD or any other UNIX compatible OS and a WUSTL_KEY. If you are using Windows, you can use PUTTY to SSH into and do the project from there.

You can do all of the assignments with a standard text editor, like emacs or vim (etc.). If you want to spend some extra set-up time becoming a power user, you can try an IDE like Eclipse (Download the Eclipse Classic package at the bottom). Check out PyDev for Python support in Eclipse.

If you have a Mac, you can also use Textmate 2.0. This editor is very powerful, but not free.

SVN Checkout

The first step is to check out your subversion directory. To achieve this you need to call the checkout command. Create a directory on one of the departmental unix machines and call:

svn co

You will be prompted for your Wustl Key and the associated password.

This should create a directory with the name of your WUSTL_KEY. The sub-directory project0 contains all files specific to Project 0. If you go into the directory project0, there you will see a whole bunch of files. All the files you need to modify for the programming assignments are in this directory. As the semester progresses, the files for the other projects will be added.


There are four important meta-data files that need to be kept up to date.
  • email.txt You can edit this file to contain the email address where you want the auto-grader to send the results to. If you do not want to receive any emails from the auto-grader, please set email.txt to an empty file (do not delete it).
  • project0/codename.txt This file only contains one line with your codename that will appear in the automatically generated leaderboard. You can change it to anything reasonable. (Please note that reasonable excludes java script, names of faculty, other class members and certainly names of inappropriate body parts...)
  • project0/partners.txt This file should specify who is working as a group. Please fill in your own WUSTL_KEY login and your partner's WUSTL_KEY login (separated by comma).
  • project0/pleasegrade.txt This contains all questions that need to be graded. A # sign at the beginning of a question comments out this line (i.e. #q1 means Question 1 will not graded.) The fewer questions you submit to the autograder, the higher you will get in the grading queue. For a final grading you need to run the autograder at least once with all questions activated. For intermediate check-ins, I strongly recommend only uncommenting those questions that you are working on (it reduces the grading turn-around time tremendously.)


Whenever you are done with a question (or sub-question), you should commit your code. Call (in the parent directory of project0):

svn commit -m "brief comment that explains what you did."

(To commit your email.txt file you also need to call this line once in the directory of that file.)

Soon after that you should receive an email which acknowledges that you submitted your homework, including a break-down of your current score.