CSE 241 Labs

On this page, you will find the description of each lab, along with the set of sample inputs and outputs used for this lab by the CSE 241 auto-grader.

Provided code for each lab will be made available through your personal SVN repository. Please read the instructions on how to use this repository to edit and turn in your code. Eclipse Java IDE users, please also read the Eclipse instructions to learn how the CSE 241 Eclipse environment differs from that in CSE 131.

To understand how the auto-grader uses test cases to evaluate your code, please read the test case documentation.

Standard Build Tools

CSE 241 will use Java 1.8.x (x at least 60) to test your Java code. The lab code is built from sources by running javac -O -nowarn *.java in your lab directory, so please make sure you don't leave conflicting or incorrect source files that are not part of your project in that directory.

For C++ users, we will use GNU C++ 4.8 (in C++ 2011 mode) to test your C++ code. The included Makefile will be used to build your code; if you add .cc source files to your lab, please add them to the source list in this Makefile to ensure that they wil be built. Please note that the autograder will override the Makefile's setting for CXX with the above version of g++. It will override the Makefile's setting for CXXFLAGS with -O2 -g -w -std=c++11.

CSE 241
Last Update: 11/9/2015