22.3.2 Warping element library

Product: ABAQUS/Standard  


Element types

WARP2D33-node linear two-dimensional warping element
WARP2D44-node bilinear two-dimensional warping element

Active degree of freedom

3, representing the out-of-plane warping function

Additional solution variables


Nodal coordinates required

X, Y

Element property definition

Input File Usage:           

Element-based loading

There is no loading for these element types.

Element output

No output is available for these element types. The two-dimensional warping elements are used to calculate the out-of-plane warping function for beams using a meshed cross-section. This warping function can be viewed in the Visualization module of ABAQUS/CAE. The derivatives of the warping function are used to calculate the shear strain and stress at the integration points of the elements due to torsion.

Node ordering on elements

Numbering of integration points for output