20.7.1 Pore fluid flow properties

ABAQUS/Standard allows specific properties to be defined for a fluid-filled porous material. This type of porous medium is considered in a coupled pore fluid diffusion/stress analysis (Coupled pore fluid diffusion and stress analysis, Section 6.7.1). The following properties are available:

Permeability: Permeability defines the relationship between the flow rate of a liquid through a porous medium and the gradient of the piezometric head of that fluid (see Permeability, Section 20.7.2).

Porous bulk moduli: The bulk moduli of the solid grains and of the fluid in a porous medium are defined such that their compressibility is considered in an analysis (see Porous bulk moduli, Section 20.7.3).

Sorption: Sorption defines the absorption/exsorption behavior of a porous material under partially saturated flow conditions (see Sorption, Section 20.7.4).

Swelling gel: The swelling gel model is used to simulate the growth of gel particles that swell and trap wetting liquid in a partially saturated porous medium (see Swelling gel, Section 20.7.5).

Moisture swelling: Moisture swelling defines the saturation-driven volumetric swelling of a porous medium's solid skeleton under partially saturated flow conditions (see Moisture swelling, Section 20.7.6).

Thermal expansion

For porous media such as soils or rock, the thermal expansion of both the solid grains and the permeating fluid can be defined. See Thermal expansion” in “Coupled pore fluid diffusion and stress analysis, Section 6.7.1, for more details.