3.2.18 Execution procedure for network output database file connector

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A network ODB connector creates a connection to a network ODB server that can be used to access a remote output database. The abaqus networkDBConnector command is used to start the network ODB server. A network ODB connector can be created from any platform—Windows, UNIX, or Linux; however, the network ODB server must reside on a UNIX or Linux platform.

ABAQUS uses password files to authenticate the connection between the client and the server. The password on the network ODB server must be stored in a file called .abaqus_net_passwd in your home directory on the remote system. You must update this file after 30 days, and the password must be at least 8 characters long.

In addition, your home directory on the local client machine can contain either of the following:

  • A file called .abaqus_hostname_passwd. This file allows you to connect to the remote server on the machine called hostname.

  • A file called .abaqus_net_passwd. This file allows you to connect to the network ODB server on any machine.

The contents of the password file on both the server and the client must be identical. In addition, ABAQUS checks that you are the only user with permission to read from or to write to the password files. If neither file exists, ABAQUS tries to use remote and secure shell commands to read the password from the network ODB server. However, the security configuration at your site may prevent ABAQUS from reading the password.

Command summary

abaqus networkDBConnector
port={serverPortNumber | auto_assigned}
[timeout=time out value in seconds]

Command line options


This option specifies the port number on the network ODB server. If port=auto_assigned, ABAQUS automatically assigns the port number.


This option specifies the timeout period in seconds for the network ODB server. The server exits if it does not receive any communication from the client during the time specified. A timeout value of zero indicates that the server will run until it is terminated explicitly using the stop option.


This option specifies the name of the machine that is hosting the network ODB server. This option is used with the stop and ping options. If this option is not provided, ABAQUS uses the name of the machine from which the execution procedure was issued.


This option specifies that ABAQUS should stop the network ODB server that was established using the specified host name and port number.


This option queries the network ODB file server that was established using the specified host name and port number. Use this option to confirm that the network ODB server exists and that communications have been established.