3.2.1 Execution procedure for obtaining information

Products: ABAQUS/Standard  ABAQUS/Explicit  



The ABAQUS execution procedure can be used to obtain help regarding command syntax or information about the installation and computing environment.

Command summary

{help | information={environment | local | memory | release | support | system | all} [job=job-name] | whereami}

Command line options


This option prints a summary of the abaqus command syntax.


This option writes information about the installation and the environment that is in effect to the screen. The following information is output for all information requests: the current version, the directory in which ABAQUS is located, and the directory in which the information files are located.

  • If information=environment, the current settings of the environment file options are displayed.

  • If information=local, the local installation notes are output.

  • If information=memory, some suggestions for setting memory parameters for analysis jobs are output.

  • If information=release, information is provided about where to locate the current release notes.

  • If information=support, information on diagnosing hardware-related issues is provided. Please send this information to systems support when requesting assistance.

  • If information=system, information is provided about system software and hardware resources (operating system level, compiler levels, processor type, graphics board, memory, etc).

  • If information=all, information on all of the above information topics is output.


If a job-name is specified, the information text is written to the file job-name.log. If you want to use the information and job options in conjunction with other procedures, including a complete ABAQUS analysis, see Execution procedure for ABAQUS/Standard and ABAQUS/Explicit, Section 3.2.2.


This option prints the location of the ABAQUS release directory.


Use the following command to display the local installation notes:

abaqus information=local
The following command will write the local installation notes to the file support.log:
abaqus information=local job=support