MEMS 5705 Wind Energy Systems

Supplemental Material:
A Compact Closed Form Solution For The Optimum Ideal Wind Turbines
Integral Tables Useful in Fourier Transforms
Autogyro kite

A comprehensive introduction to wind energy systems, a practical means of extracting green and sustainable energy. Topics include: a historical perspective of wind turbines; horizontal axis and vertical axis wind turbines; the basic parameters such as power rating and efficiency; the structural components ranging from blade and hub to nacelle and tower; wind turbine aerodynamics, aeroelasticity and control systems; blade fatigue; statistical wind modeling; unsteady airfoil aerodynamics and downstream wake; and environmental considerations such as noise and aesthetics. Prerequisite: senior or graduate standing in engineering, or permission of the instructor.

7:00pm-8:30pm; Monday, Wednesday

Seigle 304

Wind Energy Explained: Theory, Design, and Application 2nd Edition; John Wiley & Sons, Sussex, England, 2009, Manwell, McGowan & Rogers

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