Mounting Class Network Drive

These instructions are for mapping the SEAS class web sites from Windows. First you need to map the class drive on your local computer. Open in Windows Explorer window. There are three ways to get this window:

  1. Press Windows+E. The Windows key is the key at the bottom of the key board that look like a Microsoft Windows icon.
  2. Move to the cursor to the Start button, right click it and select Explore
  3. From the Run box enter explorer in the Run box

However you get there, under Tools select Map Network Drive. Under folder enter

Select Connect using different user name

On the screen below enter your SEAS account id and password


Select OK and on the above screen, then select Finish


These are the SEAS web class sites. If a folder does not excess for your class contact the EIT support staff and a folder will be created for you.


From here move the files from your local computer to the mapped drive. Remember until the files are moved to the maped "internet" drive the pages will not be posted on the web.