Engineering School Class Web Sites

A class web server was created for the School of Engineering and Applied Science. This server will provide a common location for all of the schoolís class web page. A new directory will be created for each semester. After the semester ends, the permissions on the files will be changed to prevent public access. This will provide an archive of previous semesterís web sites, but protect previous published class material.

It is a Linux apache server. It will not support FrontPage extensions. If your web page requires FrontPage extensions, please inform EIT of your needs and a location for your classes will be created on a Windows web server.

When you are ready to publish your web page please let the EIT staff know the name of the class. A directory for your class will be created with a symbolic link to your class directory. You will be the owner of the directory and a class group will be created. This class group can be used to give other people to maintain your class web site. The name of the server is

Maintaining Class Web Sites

Tutorial for using Samba to update class web pages in Windows: Here

For Mac OSX use Connect to Server the server name is smb://

Mac Secure Shell client: Here

Open source HTML editor:

Default layout for a class web site:

These are two examples that work with the above page as links for assignments and schedule

Create private directories: Here

Engineering Home page: Here

Engineering IT (EIT) Help page: Here