ESE 502

Mathematics of Modern Engineering II

Instructor:        I. Norman Katz


                               Academy 215
                               Phone: (314) 935-6083
                               Fax:     (314) 935-7500 

                   Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Tenth Edition, by Erwin Kreyszig, Wiley and Sons, 2010

Prerequisite:  ESE 317 or equivalent or consent of instructor; some exposure to calculus and ordinary differential equations

Class:                  M, Tu, W, Th  5:30 PM - 7:30 PM, 


Office Hours:  by appointment

Course Description:  Fourier Series. Solutions for the heat and wave equations; Laplace's equation; Legendre Polynomials; Bessel functions. Introduction to functions of a complex variable: conformal  mappings; contour integrals.


Course Objectives:

The aim of this course is to introduce graduate students to fundamental and advanced mathematical techniques for the solution of engineering and scientific problems.

Computer Usage: Yes

Laboratory Projects: None

ABET category contents estimated by faculty member who prepared this course description:

    Basic Sciences:           3 credits
    Engineering Sciences:  0 credits
    Engineering Design:     0 credits

Grading and Course Policies:
  1.  Homeworks:
  2.  Exam 1:      
  3.  Exam 2:             


Homework assignments and solutions will be posted on the web page for this course
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The date on which an assignment is due will appear on the web site next to the Homework Number . There are no late submittals.
Solutions will be posted after the problem set has been graded.

Exam Schedule/Exams: 

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