Zesty Vesty Weekly Log

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Weekly log:

Week One: September 3

9/04 1hr – Preliminary Idea Meeting

  • All group discussed ideas we might be interested in pursuing along with feasibilities.
  • Discussed the idea of an internet-connected, sensing, alarm clock that could provide useful morning data

9/06 1 hr - Second Meeting

  • We made our wiki page and weekly log page
  • Finalized our project idea: The Dorm Buddy
  • Discussed goals for our “dorm buddy”:

Week Two: September 9

9/10 - Meeting with Professor Feher and TA Chance

  • Discussed project idea
  • Polished wikis
  • Discussed night light

9/12 - Group Meeting to Finalize Idea

  • honed our idea of making a "dorm buddy"
  • came up with a more detailed project outline
  • discussed our personal goals (what we specifically want to get out of the project), and features we were most interested in having in our creation

9/14 - Meeting with Professor Feher and TA Chance from 2:10-3:00 pm

9/15 - Began construction of the circuit and designed the case for the night light from 2:00-5:30m