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Weekly Log

Weekly log


We plan on making a vest that is covered in lights. The vest will be connected to a users phone, where the user can turn on the vest and alter the settings to that the lights flash and respond to their surroundings. We are incorporating sensors into the vest to that the lights will reflect the user’s surroundings.

Team Members

  • Andre Cook
  • Gillian Laming
  • Kenneth McNelly
  • TA: Chance Bayles
  • Instructor: Jim Feher


Our primary objective is to create a piece of wearable technology that can successfully connect with a users phone so that they can control the light. We plan on incorporating sensors into the vest so that it can respond to its surroundings. We hope our project will be both exciting and engaging. By incorporating sensors into the vest, it will allow the user to have an unexpected and personalized experience. We think that our demonstration at the end of the semester will be visually appealing and will draw in people.


We anticipate that we will face challenges connecting the vest to a users phone. We are looking into other projects that has a similar idea to try and figure out how to connect it. Additionally, the vest will need to be worn by the user, so we need to make sure that it is both comfortable and practical. This could be difficult given the lights and features we intend on adding to the vest.
Other Challenges:

  • learn how to use raspberry pi
  • increase understanding of connectivity between multiple devices
  • learn how to incorporate sensors into devices and analyze data

Gantt Chart

Outline of anticipated accomplishment milestones.


Vest Budget
Salzmann 3M Multi Pocket Working Vest– $12.90

Sensors Budget
- Microphone Amplifier – $10.09,
- Sound Sensor – $4.94
- Temperature Sensor (Kenneth is providing it)
- SparkFun Triple Axis Accelerometer Breakout (Kenneth is providing it)

Lights Budget: $134.90
- 64x32 Flexible RGB LED Matrix Panel-5mm Pitch – $109.95

- Adafruit RGB Matrix Bonnet for Raspberry Pi – $24.95

Auxiliary Budget: ~$42.39 (+ shipping)
-5M RGB LED Light strip – $4.99,

-12v Battery Pack – $2.40,

Raspberry Pi 3: $35 (provided by department)

Total: $168

Project Presentation

Presentation Link

Similar Pi Projects

These are some similar raspberry pi projects to ours. These will be helpful resources when we begin this part of our project next week.

  • This project is for taking in temperature data and logging it for later viewing. Link
  • Randomizes colors and location of blinking lights. Don't think will be super helpful, but may be a good starting point. Link
  • Make lights dance to music using pi. Seems very helpful. Link
  • Very similar pi project. Thorough tutorial of all of the necessary steps. Link

These projects are similar in that the lights are being controlled by a raspberry pi, but our project will incorporate additional sensors, and will be controllable from a user's phone.


Diagrams and Schematics

Here is our block diagram as of now for the project

File:Block Diagram.pdf

Here is the schematic for our pi + matrix set up.



Here is the link to our GitHub repository.