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Week January 27th

In the first week, we formed our group of three members: Kristine Ehlinger, Carol Pazos, and Dylan Zubata. We decided to focus our project on creating an app that optimizes the walking distance across Wash U's campus.

Week February 3rd

This week we discussed the details of our project as we created our first Project Proposal. We met with our TA on Thursday and made various decisions about our project including: dividing the work, the programming language we plan to use, the resources we need for our project, and a project timeline.

Week February 10th

This week we began familiarizing ourselves with the ArcGIS tool and contacted the GIS department to discuss full features of ArcGIS. We also mapped out all of the destinations we intend to include in the app.

Week February 17th

After discussing with WUSTL employees, our group is waiting to be granted permission to use the WUSTL ArcGIS subscription. We also continued to annotate our map of Wash U's campus on ArcGIS and did further research into the optimization of our pathways. Specifically, we found an archive that describes how to "Find a Route," which can be utilized with our map.