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Design and construct 2 speakers to amplify sound:

  • An iPhone 6 case with a portable speaker attached, that provides some amplification, while still remaining sleek and compact for daily use.
  • A larger, portable speaker that acts as a dock for the phone and that will be able to produce louder sounds than the smaller amplifier in the iPhone case.

For our demo, these two separate speakers sound producing capabilities will be compared to each other as well as to a regular phone with no speaker attached, using a microphone and sound sensor to measure which produces the loudest sound. In order to ensure the results of the display are not changing with pitch, the same tone will be played from an app.


Throughout our Systems Science and Engineering curriculum, our group realized we have had little experience with modeling and 3D printing. For this reason, we decided to take this class and spend the semester learning and constructing a design and model to be printed using a 3D printer. We brainstormed on the first week different products we would like to own and use in our daily lives that would be interesting and rigorously challenging to create. We decided on the 'Just inCase' designs since we have all come across the problem before where we're trying to play a video or song from our phones, but the volume is not loud enough for everyone listening to hear. We came up with the idea of creating 2 designs, a case for our phones that also doubles as a portable speaker and a larger speaker dock.

Team Members

  • Audrey Freeman, Sophomore, Bachelors of Science in Systems Science and Engineering, Minor Candidate in Operation Supply Chain Management
  • Savannah Johnson, Senior, Bachelors of Science in Systems Science and Engineering
  • Ariel Stern, Senior, Bachelors of Science in Systems Science and Engineering, Minor Candidate in Operation Supply Chain Management
  • TA: Andrew O'Sullivan


  • User safety: The wires and jumper cables were using to connect the phone to the speaker cannot shock the user
  • Phone safety: We can't send too strong of a current through the Aux cord and 'fry' the user's phone
  • Privacy Considerations: The speaker cannot be too loud, in order to be considerate of others
  • Learning arduino and how to code a display
  • Learn how to use Fusion360 (Autodesk) and how to design a functional model to be 3D printed
  • Figure out how to amplify sound from the headphone jack using an Aux cord and build a simple circuit connecting it to a speaker

Gantt Chart


Total: $41.86