The Solver

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The Solver

by Jordan Aronson, Alex Herriott, Oscar Arias

Project Overview:

The robot being built combined with a complex algorithm will take a rubik’s cube, evaluate it, and solve the cube.


To build this, we need these things:

  • 1. Build a robot which includes a Raspberry Pi along with motors that can rotate parts of the cube horizontally and vertically.
  • 2. Create code to take the set of instructions and give them to the robot which will execute the necessary moves to solve the cube.
  • 3. Create code to detect the colors on a cube on each of its sides
    • Backlight the camera
  • 4. Convert an algorithm to solve a cube into Python and produce a set of instructions based on its given colors
  • 5. Connect the Raspberry Pi to the motors using circuitry