The Line of Least Resistance Log

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September 16

This week, we got a firmer handle on what our project will be about and what timeline we should be looking at. We met with Kjartan and he helped us look at the big picture and contextualize our project, and he gave us advice on how to organize our project better and to get the most out of the class. We plan to meet with Professor Gonzalez and to create a more specific task list next week, and to start collecting data.

September 23

This week, we considered completely changing our project, or at least not using the Arch as the focus of our project. We decided in the end, however, that we would stick with using the Arch as a reference point for modeling a queue system with the least amount of delay time. We did decide to take some focus off the Arch and put more focus on the final product, which we have decided is going to be a "consulting" computer app to be used by companies when planning to set up queues, and we are leaving room at the end of the semester to hopefully do some "add-ons," such as a real-time portion of the app.

We met with Humberto (who gave us an extension for our proposal revision until Sunday night) with Kjartan and then Kjartan on our own and attempted to hone down exactly what we aim to do, and got more specific with our Gantt chart and to-do lists. Our final product is a completely revamped proposal, with much more specific parameters and goals.

October 3

I waited until I had talked to Andrew to write this log. It's been another restructuring week. After coming to a roadblock with the simulator, I met with Humberto and decided to restructure our project again and focus on doing a mobile app where customers can input heir group size to a few sample businesses and receive an estimated wait time. I met with Kjartan on Sunday and brought him up to speed, and we worked on the new proposal. This week we have the first project evaluation, and we're hoping we'll have a perfected project proposal and some research about how to make a mobile app under our belt, but won't have any tangible components of our project to show Humberto yet. - Devon

October 4

We met with Kjartan today and further figured out the steps to make the app. We looked into how to make an iOS app, and figured out what roadblocks we might encounter. We also decided to expand the project a little bit, and to make the app "update" in real time, so if someone enters a reservation, the next person trying to make a reservation will see that reflected. The project is obviously going a lot slower than we thought it would, and we wish we were farther along by now, but feel good moving forward. We also decided how to split up the bulk of our project (I will work on the user interface and the product the customer will see and use, and Andrew will do the more "behind-the-scenes" coding on the host side. I started to learn how to use Swift and will play around with it more this week. We will be explaining our new project with Humberto on Thursday for the first evaluation. -Devon