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Proposal Review


  • Well-written and thought-out objectives and challenges.
  • Clear division of labor between team members.
  • Proposal works altogether. Objectives, challenges, budget, and Gantt chart are all interconnected.


Although the general idea is clear, the proposal lacks detail in terms of circuit design and software features. Your budget includes a number of discrete circuit components (resistors, MOSFET transistors), yet nowhere in the proposal is explained why you need them. If you are following an online tutorial, you should provide a solid reference (link, author, date). If you already have a circuit prototype in mind, then include a schematic (or a sketch) in your proposal.

Regarding software features, your proposal does not mention a user interface. Are you going to have a Bluetooth connection? a knob changing desired temperature? a display showing current temperature and battery level? It's up to you to decide the kind of features you want to add, but there has to be some way for the user to know if and how the system is working, and adjusting the boot temperature.

Other comments:

  • Include TA in team members.
  • Battery pack is missing from the budget even though it is essential to meet objective of having heating pad work when solar panel is not in sunlight.
  • Heating pads are on backorder. Will they be back in stock in a timely fashion or are there other options available?
  • Safety of the boot should be included amongst the challenges.
  • Unclear placement of breadboard. Is it in the boot? On the skis?
  • Appears they may be waiting to order materials until too late in the semester (end of February).
  • Is the solar panel strong enough to give the desired range in temperature?
  • Your budget does not consider items to make the system waterproof.

Humberto 16:45, 8 February 2017 (CST)

Additional Notes

  • 2/13/17 - potentiometers are missing from your budget