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Proposal Review


  • Well written proposal, idea is clear, and so are the steps the team needs to take to reach a successful conclusion.
  • Challenges and objectives are well formulated, they can be evaluated in their own merit.
  • Gantt chart is well written, and is compatible with the list of challenges.


The success of this project hinges on three main tasks:

  1. Create a detailed map of all the pedestrian paths on campus.
  2. Implement a shortest path algorithm to traverse the network induced by the map above.
  3. Develop an app to show the map, read GPS data, input destination, and calculate the path.

Neither of the tasks above are simple, even for an expert coder. Hence, considering that your first challenge is that you have almost no experience coding, I'm concerned that you are taking a project that is above your capabilities.

You would be in a much better standing if at least one of the items above were already available. For example, if you had a detailed map of the campus, then you could focus on the app and the algorithm. I make this comment since your Gantt chart does not include an item to build the map, yet a detailed map, filled with metadata, is not easy to find in general.

I do not have a definitive opinion about a path to a successful demo. I do encourage you to simplify your project so you have enough time to properly address the tasks you need to solve, otherwise you will end up spending too much time working on this.

Other comments:

  • WashU has a general license to use ArcGIS, you don't need to buy one.
  • Why do you need Java and Notepad?
  • How does weather change your route? Shouldn't the shortest path always be the reasonable solution?

Humberto 17:08, 8 February 2017 (CST)