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Proposal Evaluation

Overview and objectives do not match

Overview says "Our objective is to create a mirror that can be programmed to display a variety of different information". Objective says "Create a smart-mirror [...] that has identical basic functionality and ease-of-use as a regular, non-electronic mirror".

So, which one is actually the goal of this project? What are the minimum set of features we should expect to see in the demo?

Objectives do not reflect the project goals

The list of objectives should identify the desired goals and features of the finalized project. A list of features is missing. Also, "learning Python" is not an objective, that is a challenge.

Challenges do not reflect complexity of the project

Are there user privacy issues? If the mirror is going to accept remote connections, how is it going to be secured? How is the mirror going to be assembled? Is the final product going to be dangerous to use, provided the "mirror is very brittle and when cut can shatter very easily"?

Budget is unsatisfactory

The URL to the HDMI cable (item 4) is a dead link. There is no link to the two-way mirror (item 5), it is unclear what costs $10 and what needs to be purchased on the webpage mentioned in that item. I assume that the item "7 LCD Display" refers to a 7-inch display, as opposed to purchasing 7 separate LCD displays.

Are there any costs associated to assembly? Is the user going to interact with the mirror? If so, where is the budget associated to the input device?

Gantt chart is unsatisfactory

The chart includes two main items: learn how to code in Python, and "Add Displays/Build Mirror". First of all, it is unclear what "Add Displays" means, same with "Build Mirror". Second, the Gantt chart does not specify which team member will take responsibility for each subtask. For example, who is going to build the mirror? What modules are going to be implemented and who is going to write them? Also, the chart does not consider important items such as testing and mechanical design.

Every item in the chart is assigned to "All team". That would imply that all three of you will work 100% of the time together, which is unrealistic.

The chart should indicate what are going to be the expected deliverables at each project evaluation.

Finally, the chart must be posted on the wiki, not linked to it. Also, the word "Gant" is misspelled.

These issues must be addressed before next Friday September 23 at 5pm.

-- Humberto 23:53, 16 September 2016 (CDT)