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Project Review


  • Overview is enticing and well-written. The idea is fun and interesting.
  • Clear demo. Project is interactive and
  • Well thought-out objectives and challenges.
  • Clear division of labor between group members.


There are significant issues that need to be solved to have a successful prototype, yet they are not mentioned in the proposal. First, either the boxes will work in coordination, or independently. In the former case, you need to clearly explain the method for wireless communication. In the latter case, it is unclear why do you want two boxes that will do exactly the same. Second, you have not determined if we are talking about a 0.1"x0.1" box with 4 LEDs, a 10"x10" box with hundreds of LEDs, or something in between. The size will determine how hard is to integrate, assemble, or find a suitable battery, among other important factors. Third, your Gantt chart claims that you will complete the mechanical design in roughly 3 weeks. That is a serious underestimation, since it is likely that just managing the wires will take you between a few days and a week. Your box will likely carry a microcontroller inside, hence assembly is far from simple.

In short, the idea is good, but the proposal needs more work. Electrical and mechanical design should happen in parallel, and you need to have a more concrete idea of how your prototype will look like and behave before you can figure out a working budget.

Other comments:

  • Is it “PartyBox” or “PartyCube”?
  • Proposal is not properly formatted using wiki guidelines. Please take a look at other groups' proposal source code to learn how to define sections and lists.
  • The budget is very hard to read, you should at the very least shorten the links.
  • Can you be more specific with which resistors you’re actually going to need? Is 20 of each kind of resistor going to be enough or do you need to buy more of a specific resistor?
  • Why do you need a counter chip?
  • Link for LEDs is broken.

Humberto 23:06, 7 February 2017 (CST)