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Proposal Review


  • Project is novel and fun. Original use of technological tools.
  • Gantt chart identifies key tasks to be completed.


This proposal is rather shallow, and misses fundamental issues with this proposal. First and foremost, this is a board for a game that has not been defined. The only path to success in this project is to first have a game, and then build a board that will make the experience of that game superior. The game does not have to be original, you can take a game that already exists (e.g., chess, checkers, ludo, settlers of Catan, etc.). This proposal must clearly explain the game, and how this dynamic and interactive board improves the gameplay.

Once the game is clearly stated, then you can declare what are the features that the board will have. That being said, you need to do a better market search before you decide how to implement said features. For example, LED strips (such as these) are easier to control and install than bulk LEDs. Also, Hall Effect sensors (such as these) do not have mechanical parts and therefore are easier to install without getting in the way of your game.

Other comments:

  • The list of objectives must be concrete, clear, and specific. Items such as "making something pretty", or "create a user interface" are not objectives, instead they are closer to wishes.
  • Similarly, the challenges must be identifiable and actionable, so you know what to do to solve them. Questions are not challenges.
  • Your budget must list specific items and exact prices. "Loosely" items are not allowed, for the simple reason that those are the items that make you go over budget.
  • The Gantt chart content is ok, but the format is too big for a webpage, which makes the font too small.

Humberto 18:16, 7 February 2017 (CST)