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Proposal Review

Your proposal looks very good, and the project is sound. I do have a few questions though:

  1. What is the "4-channel relay switch" and why do you need it in your project?
  2. What kind of control signal will you produce from the Leap Motion sensor? Are the signals going to be in the form of low-level controls (i.e., steering wheel angle and voltage applied to motor), or high-level controls (go to point A, move until wall is found).
  3. If you end up using a mobile app, how will that app interact with the Leap Motion sensor?

Also, your budget does not specify what needs to be purchased and what is already available (or do you plan to purchase everything except the Arduino?). Please meet with your TA to discuss these issues and update your proposal as soon as possible.

Humberto (talk) 20:50, 12 February 2016 (CST)


  1. We originally wanted the relay switch to allow us to switch the directions of the motors. After further research, we discovered an Ardumoto Shield that has this functionality and easily configures with the Arduino. The Arduino pins it configures with also don't interfere with our Bluetooth Shield.
  2. The Leap Motion sensor outputs frame data which updates roughly every 10ms. It is almost like a video camera that is tuned to distinctly recognizes hands and their gestures when they are palm-down over the Leap Motion. Our programmed controls will be low-level and will include voltage applied to the motors as well as turning by controlling the speeds of each wheel.
  3. The app will not interact with the Leap Motion sensor at all. Rather, it will have it's own controls that will communicate with the Arduino via Bluetooth.

We have updated the budget to show what we need. Everything other than the Arduino will need to be purchased.