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Proposal Review


  • Gantt chart is well organized and structured (see comment below regarding re-uploading the PNG file).
  • Budget is well written. Includes shipping, items provided by school, and links.
  • There is a clear and interactive demo, based on showcasing the results and testing the differences between both speakers.


There are several technical issues that are not addressed in the proposal. First, neither of the speakers in the budget include an amplifier, which is a necessary device to drive current into the speaker. It is not enough to connect the wires of the speaker to the aux cable, that will probably fry the phone. Second, although there is a clear intuition regarding the differences between both speakers, it is unclear why two speakers are needed, particularly considering that they are both almost the same size (2" and 2.25"). Third, if the goal is to have the case-based speaker be portable, then 9V batteries and a 2" speaker are hardly the right choices for that task.

This proposal needs to be rewritten to determine what is the main goal of this project. If that goal is to have a portable speaker, then focus on that. If the goal is to have two speakers, then there should be a good reasoning (other than trying to learn how to use a 3D printer) for that decision. As it stands now, this is not one but two separate projects, and that must be corrected.

Other comments:

  • You overwrote a previous-year Gantt chart. I changed the name of the file, please re-upload your chart to avoid further name conflicts.
  • Even before deleting your previous Gantt chart, the link had the wrong format. Please take a look at other groups' proposals to figure out how to properly link to your chart.
  • Overview and objectives sections are almost identical. Objectives must be clear, concrete, items that can be formally evaluated.

Humberto 16:04, 7 February 2017 (CST)