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Comments as of 2/16/17

  • Is it possible to fully automate an "upload to youtube" functionality along with comments, if not, we need to figure out a different way of uploading your videos, maybe something like a cloud based server
  • something like this might be useful in replacing or supplementing buttons and should be considered
  • I found this object tracking camera and thought it was worth discussing
  • at the very least, lets make sure we do thorough research on the camera
  • Adding a touchscreen monitor makes your project a whole lot like just making a modified laptop, lets discuss the actual use and functionality of the monitor and determine whether a nicer monitor would be beneficial.
  • How will the camera be mounted on the tripod, how obtrusive will that extension cord be?

Project Proposal


  • Thorough assessment of the challenges the team will face.
  • Clear and complementary division of tasks between group members.
  • Project has a clearly defined goal, i.e. a functional and practical user interface for gymnastic judges and a feedback interface for gymnasts.


In its current form, it is hard to evaluate how challenging or trivial is this project purely based on the proposal text. For example, one possible outcome is a judge interface with 3 or 4 buttons, each adding points, and each taking a picture of whatever the camera is looking at every time the button is pressed. Then, the gymnast gets a document with points, photos, and times. A second possible outcome is a dynamic interface for the judges, which changes as a function of their needs throughout the competition. The camera records, segments, and processes important movements in videos. The gymnast receives a curated report listing the most important items to correct, and their impact in their overall performance.

I understand that this project lives somewhere in the middle of those two options. This proposal needs to clearly define the characteristics and features of both the user interface for the judges, and the feedback received by the gymnasts. Sketches, mock screenshots, or lists of priorities should be provided in this proposal.

Other comments:

  • TA not included in group members.
  • Budget needs a total. Also, it is likely that you will need extra materials to build the judge's interface (connectors, cables, screws).
  • Unclear as to what the demo will be. Are we going to have a gymnast and a judge in the poster session?
  • Feedback page to gymnast must be more than a spreadsheet. Emphasize the fact that pictures of judges’ comments will be uploaded as well; however, no mention is made of a camera/photo-uploading system in the objectives.
  • There is no mention on the format of the feedback to the gymnasts. If the format is a webpage, then it needs to be hosted in the cloud. If it is a document, then you need to explain how to deliver the document.
  • Is it realistic for a team member to learn Python programming in a single week and then “Raspberry Pi and circuits” the next? Will designing the housing take a solid 5 weeks?
  • According to your Gantt chart you are going to work through the Spring break. That's probably inaccurate.
  • The Gantt chart is out of bounds, you should correct its wiki formatting.

Humberto 14:27, 7 February 2017 (CST)