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Weekly log for Swim Sheets project

Hailey Jenkins, Rebecca Bruce, Nish Chakraburtty

Here is a link to the project's main page: https://classes.engineering.wustl.edu/ese205/core/index.php?title=Swim_Sheets#Overview

Week of September 1-September

This week, we formed our group and decided on our project. We came up with the idea of creating an app that will allow timers at swim meets to input the time into, in order to streamline the process of timing for competitions.

Week of September 8-September 15

We met with our TA Amelia to discuss our project ideas and finalize our project proposal.

We worked on our initial project proposal and developed our gantt chart to prepare for the semester. We considered the steps of creating an iPhone app and discussed the possible ways to approach the project.

We worked on research for the project goals. Hailey researched how to create a database and found bluehost as a possible webpage host for our database. This has a cost of $3.95 that would need to be budgeted for. Bluehost would allow us to link our database to the app that we will code because it is a mySQL database.

Nish and Rebecca worked on the layout for the app. They developed 5 different screens. The first one consists of a welcome input for the date, meet, and timekeeper's name. The second page consists of the event, heat, lane and if the person at the block matches the name that appears on the screen. Based on if the name is correct, the screen will either go to a place to enter the time or a screen to enter the correct name. The 5th page is for the recap of the information and gives the user the ability to move to the next race or exit the meet.

Week of September 15-September 22

This week we focused on more research for our project. In order to be ready to start developing the database and begin coding for the app within the next week.

Hailey researched about creating a database and started an account with BlueHost, which is a mySQL database. She went through the PHP tutorials and used youtube videos to better understand how to create a database that can hold a table and have data imported. She spent about 5 hours working this week.

Rebecca downloaded Xcode 9 and Swift 4 and began the program called swift tour. Swift is a programming language that is supported by apple and used for iOS, MacOS, watchOS, and tvOS app development. It uses similar language to C and objective C. She spent about an hour this week doing research.

Nish also downloaded Xcode an began learning how to operate C in order to be able to program the app. He spent about two hours this week researching Xcode.

Week of September 22-September 29

This week, Hailey looked into pre-existing apps such as meet mobile and meet manager as a possible way to connect our data and for a method of inserting our information; however, the price to work with meet manager is above our price range for the project. She also worked on setting up the database by creating a table to insert data into under Bluehost. She did this by going to myPHP and setting up a table that includes Swimmer's First Name, Swimmer's Last Name, Meet Name, Team Name, Event Number, Heat Number, Lane Number, and time. She also generated an ERD that is posted on the project page as a pdf that gives an overview of how the database flows. Overall, she has spent 4 hours working this week.

Rebecca spent 3 hours setting up her Xcode and creating a test app interface. She ran into a problem with making her apple ID comparable with the apple developer website; this problem will need to be resolved before beginning coding for the app. All code that she completed is currently stored on her laptop.

Nish spent about 30 minutes working with simple print statements and algorithms in swift this week.

Week of September 29-October 6

Hailey did more research in meet mobile; however, the site that meet mobile is run under, active.com, has protective measures that prohibit us from viewing the coding they used as a means to help in our project. She worked on getting a service.php up and running this week. Some complications arose as the coding she used was making the service.php page say "error establishing connection". In order to resolve this, she will be calling the database hosting site, bluehost,to get advice on how to work around this problem. Overall, she spent about 3 hours working this week.

Rebecca and Nish worked on putting the powerpoint presentation together for our group project presentation this Friday, October 6th. Here is the link to our powerpoint presentation. File:Swim sheet .pdf

Rebecca began research on how to use drop down boxes on swift, which was difficult as drop down menu is a web control term. To get around this problem, she used UIPickerViewDataSource and UIPickerViewDelegate. She is going to start working on the code this weekend and will hopefully have a functional drop box by next Friday. She put in 4 to 5 hours of work.

Nish worked through swift tutorials for an hour this week.

Week of October 6-October 13

Hailey met with Professor Feher on October 11 to work on developing a new structure for the database tables. The new format that will be used will have a table for the meet, a table for the swimmer, a table for the roster, and a table for results. This meeting lasted about 1 hour. She also generated an ERD to follow the new format for the database; this has been uploaded to the main project page. It took about an hour to generate this. She did about an hour research on how to code in SQL formats in order to better understand how to write the commands that the app will need.

This week Rebecca uploaded a copy of the new story bored (To be used by the app) and worked on creating a functioning "MainStoryBoard" on Xcode. Rebecca has called the new Xcode protect "SwimSheet:1" The first page of the layout is in place and she is learning how to I"mplementing Multiple View Controllers". Coding and research 2 hours (10/13/17)

This week Nish learned PHP. He downloaded xampp and notepad ++ in order to run preliminary tests. He began coding a rough input webpage that will allow someone to upload a .csv file (from excel) into the database. Reseach and coding: 4 hours (10/9/17, 10/10/17, 10/12/17, 10/13/17)

Layout for swift app

Week of October 13-October 20

Rebecca completed the draft layout of the app pages with button transitions that she had started working on yesterday. The iOS article was very helpful with explaining how to make a new View Controller class for each page. After testing the transitions the next step is now to change the button on page 5 (change name page) into a textfield that will then store the input and send it back to the database with a note of the change. In order to display the dater from the database on the app (pages 2, 3,4) we will use "WebKit View". This Kit displays embedded web content and allows for web navigation. Rebecca needs to talk to Nish and Hailey about the communication between the app and the web database. In the mean time she will learn more about the kit. (2.5 hours code - 10/14/2017)

Hailey spent two hours researching the SQL terms required to be able to import, select, and insert data into the various data tables that are shown in the ERD posted on the main wiki page. She read through descriptions on this website: http://beginner-sql-tutorial.com/sql-select-statement.htm and began experimenting with coding between the tables in the myphp page. She spent 2.5 hours talking bluehost representatives, first over chat and then on a phone call in order to get the website domain up and running. After working through the issues involved, she switched the domain design to weebly from wordpress because weebly is better suited for custom databases. The website, swimsheets.com, now pulls up without displaying a forbidden 403 error. (10/14) On 10/17, she spent an hour and a half doing the SQL coding to connect the different data tables together according to the setup of the ERD. She used the inner join command for SQL to do this.

(10/16/17) Nish spent one-hour coding a file input for .csv files in php and getting that code to return a .txt file with necessary input data parsed and organized. Currently the code only uploads the file. Troubleshooting the second feature of the code begins tomorrow. (10/17/17) Nish spent one hour troubleshooting a pathway error. Could not resolve issue. Bringing up error tomorrow at the meeting with Fehrer.

1st draft working transitions with buttons