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A common problem at swim meets is the backup that occurs from timers having to record the times for each swim on paper. The times then have to be manually entered in case one of the touchpads in the water does not register the swimmers touch, resulting in a false time. The objective of our project is to create an IPhone app to assist with swim meets. We want timers at swim meets to be able to input the time they recorded for the swimmer, based on the event number, lane number, and heat number, into the app instead of writing it on paper. This will allow the times recorded to go directly into the database instead of having to be manually entered at the conclusion of each swim event.

Team Members

Hailey Jenkins
Rebecca Bruce
Nish Chakraburtty
TA: Amelia Delzell


We want the IPhone app’s interface to prompt the user for the event number, heat number, and lane number. The app should then return the swimmer’s name based off the psych sheet for the overall meet. The user can then double check the accuracy of the name and override it if necessary. Once the swim is complete, a time will be entered and stored in an excel spreadsheet that could then be inputted into a swim database at a later time.

The main goals of this app are to:
1. Create a database that takes in the psych sheet and can report the swimmers name.

2. Prompt the user for event number, heat number, and lane number

3. Display data in an organized manner for overall meet results and analysis.

4. The database should take in an input of data, consisting of rosters, events, heat, and lane. These should be imported into the database from a .txt file that can be used by various teams to import into the database.

5. Results will be generated and be viewable from the database for the coaches use. These results can also be exported into a spreadsheet for viewing.

6. The data for each race will be received from inputs from the app, not an external source.


Learn how to create a public IP address to update the times.

Learn how to create a database and PHP files.

Learn how to use Apple’s IDE to create the application.

Learn how to import the data from a document.

Learn how to use the iCloud server.

Learn how to override errors in the input process.

Gantt Chart

File:Gantt chart.pdf


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