Social Network Matchmaking Logs

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Social Network Matchmaking Log

Social Networking Matchmaking Project

Week of January 25th

  • 2 hours - Brainstorming app features, sketches of app designs, finalizing app idea
  • 2 hours - researching Design Architecture (MySql vs Neo4j, relational databases vs graph databases, Java vs Kotlin, Apache vs NodeJS, Researched Facebook and Tinder backend systems).
  • 1 hour - Creating new Amazon AWS account. Downloading Neo4j database. Signing up for firebase. Finding good Android Udemy course

Snm wireframe 1.jpg

Week of February 1st

  • 1 hour - Completed initial App Design displaying number of views likely needed
  • 6 hours - Android udemy Tutorial (25% complete, completed 2 basic applications)
  • 1 hour - Neo4j tutorial

Android course used: Android O and Java

Neo4J site Neo4j Tutorial

Week of February 8th

  • 1 hour: Blackjack tutorial completed
  • 6 hours: Udemy course almost completed
  • Presentation started

Week of February 15th

  • Udemy Course completed
  1. Snmudemy.jpg
  2. Overall built eight apps including one that implemented a similar firebase structure as the one I'm planning
  • Neo4j tutorial completed
  • Initial database design started
  • Searching for new annoynimized data sources
  • Application started
  1. Creating sign in and registration
  2. immediate ran into problems
  3. Snmerrorscreen.png

Week of February 22nd

  • Registration and login using Firebase almost completed
  1. Snmlogin.jpg
  • All projects added to Github
  • Found source of social network data
  1. Stanford Annonymized Facebook Data
  2. raw data will need to be parsed
  3. Snmrawfacebookdata.png
  • Created Digital Process Flow
  1. Snmdigitalwireframe.png

Short Term Goals for this week

  • Use python to parse the social network data into a JSON
  • finish registration and login implementation
  • implement friends feature
  • implement matching feature

Challenges this week

  • Unsure of whether to use Neo4J due to potential cost. Need to parse JSON data and determine whether the size of the resulting graph is suitable for Amazon AWS. If not might use MySQL instead

Week of March 1st

  • added friends xml page
  • added match xml page
  • added Cloud Firestore

Challenges this week

  • Ran into trouble implementing what I assumed would be basic features to implement
  • Ran into bugs that took me a few hours to resolve
  • Will need to take time to learn how to implement some core features of app
  1. lists
  2. adapters
  • falling behind on implementing database and other backend features