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*1 hour: Blackjack tutorial completed
*1 hour: Blackjack tutorial completed
*6 hours: Udemy course completed
*6 hours: Udemy course completed
*Presentation completed
*Presentation started
== Week of February 15th ==
== Week of February 15th ==

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Social Network Matchmaking Log

Social Networking Matchmaking Project

Week of January 25th

  • 2 hours - Brainstorming app features, sketches of app designs, finalizing app idea
  • 2 hours - researching Design Architecture (MySql vs Neo4j, relational databases vs graph databases, Java vs Kotlin, Apache vs NodeJS, Researched Facebook and Tinder backend systems).
  • 1 hour - Creating new Amazon AWS account. Downloading Neo4j database. Signing up for firebase. Finding good Android Udemy course

Week of February 1st

  • 1 hour - Completed initial App Design displaying number of views likely needed
  • 6 hours - Android udemy Tutorial (25% complete, completed 2 basic applications)
  • 1 hour - Neo4j tutorial

Week of February 8th

  • 1 hour: Blackjack tutorial completed
  • 6 hours: Udemy course completed
  • Presentation started
  1. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1gvs-ozrtWjYsP6iE328JAonO-irAzZ7J9Z3dZkDMyS8/edit?usp=sharing

Week of February 15th