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The Social Network Matchmaking App will be an android application that will allow users to promote matchmaking within their social networks. The app will be created using Java, Google Firebase, NodeJS, and Neo4j.


Online matchmaking has become much more popular in recent years driven by the popularity of online services such as Tinder and Most of these apps operate on exposing you to as many people as possible whether that is through geolocation (Tinder, Bumble, etc.) or preferences (, EHarmony). The central idea behind the Social Network Matchmaking app is to connect individuals to others within their own social networks. Ideally their would be a few crucial benefits to this such as self moderated behavior and better thought out matches.

A common complaint for women in online dating apps is that men will send unwanted crass or explicit messages. Ideally this behavior could be reduced by removing anonymity from the process. For every person that is connected, they are aware that their behavior might be relayed back to their social network.

Another complaint of apps that are based on generating many matches is that the value of an individual match is extremely low. Ideally people that know both people will be able to give a more informed assessment which will lead to better matches, better conversations, and ultimately better relationships.

App Features

The planned app will contain two main features: connect with people you know and matching people in your network together.

Connecting with people in Network

Users can search for their friends and send friend requests to them.

Matching people in your network

Users will be able to match their 1st degree connections with other 1st degree connections in their network. When users do this, both of the matched persons will be alerted that someone has matched them together. As more people match them together, they can see that more people believe they would be a good match. Users that have been matched can also at anytime signal that they want to chat with the person they were match with and if both people accept then a chat will be opened between them.


The app will be develop for the android using a combination of Java, Firebase, NodeJS, and Neo4j.


Java is the primary language used to develop android applications. Also considered was the language Kotlin but the decision was ulimtately made to go with Java as I am more familiar with Java and want to prioritize time towards building the backend.


Firebase is a Backend As a Service (BaaS) offered by google. Using firebase will for easy implementation of authentication and database service. Many features of the app such as signing up and maintaining friends list will be handled by Firebase and allow for more time to be devoted to implementing the core features of the app. Firebase uses a NoSql structure. The entire backend could be placed on Firebase but given the complexity of a social network structure and the exponential increase as it gets larger, another database will be used to supplement firebase.


NodeJS and Express will be used as the backend web server and to build the API logic. NodeJS was chosen due to the past experience using it and because of the great support it has for Neo4j.


Neo4j is a graph based database. Neo4j was chosen as the primary database because it was developed with graphs in mind unlike relational databases and has key core functionality built in that will allow for easier implementation of features. It was also chosen because I have no experience using graph databases and I believe that this experience should be a learning one. As I'm unfamiliar with Neo4j, some time will be needed to evaluate the full list of features and ensure that it is possible. Something that should be completed by the final proposal deadline.