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Week 1: January 20-26

  • 1 hour meeting in class to finalize group members and discuss project ideas

Week 2: January 27 - February 2

  • 30 minute group meeting with Ethan and Professor Fehr to discuss specifics of the project
  • Discussed completing Night Light and Amazon Web Service Projects
  • Planned meeting for the 30th to decide the mechanical portion of the project
  • Added the red light to the design of the project, got rid of the locking aspect
  • 30 minute group meeting on 1/30 to determine final hardware of project
  • 1 hr starting blackjack and downloading software (Katie)
  • 1.5 hours setting up Gantt chart and budget
  • 30 minute group meeting to finalize wiki project proposal
  • 2 hours work on Blackjack, stuck on setting up respository structure (Johnny)
  • 2 hours building night light circuit and attempting to set up raspberry pi, got stuck on entering username and password
  • Goals for next week: Finish Night Light, Set up Raspberry Pi, Work on Blackjack

Week 3: February 3 - February 9

  • 1 hour research on texting capabilities from Pi (Johnny)
    • Twilio can send text and image
  • Met with Ethan and Professor Fehr, decided to focus on Raspberry Pi setup and figuring out how to text the Raspberry Pi
    • Begin to think about presentation slides
  • Encountered issues with logging into Raspberry Pi, downloaded different version of operating system, trying again on Thursday
  • Finished setting up Raspberry Pi, could SSH, but struggling to get Pi to email IPN (Johnny)
  • 1 hour research on Twilio's ability to and costs of sending SMS and picture messages, still unsure if two way communication is possible (Katie)
  • Attempted to get Pi to email IPN, tried new password and still stuck (Katie)

Week 3: February 10 - February 16

  • Met in lab (1.5 hours) to work on nightlight and various raspberry pi projects (Andrew and Katie)
    • Attempted again to finish the SSHing of raspberry pi, still unsuccessful at getting Pi to email IPN
    • added an additional LED to the night light project
    • wrote code in python to get our raspberry pi to blink an LED on and off
  • Made outline for presentation (Johnny)
    • Added presentation to project page
  • Plan to outline code
  • Goals: finish Blackjack, complete goal outline, buy parts, get Twilio texting
  • Got the Pi email working (Johnny)
  • Worked on Blackjack Tutorial 1 hour (Johnny)

Week 4: February 17-23

  • Goals: get camera working, work on blackjack, wireframe code/ui, get texting working, finish nightlight
  • (30 minutes) Finished presentation for Friday (Johnny)
  • (90 minutes) Worked on Blackjack, confused with Client Script (Johnny)
  • (60 minutes, 2/21) Worked on presentation for Friday (Katie)
  • (30 minutes, 2/21) Ordered motion sensor from designated link (Katie)
  • (90 minutes, 2/22) worked on learning Onshape and printing 3D box (Katie)
  • (60 minutes, 2/23) worked more on printing 3D box for nightlight, done with everything just need to confirm positions of openings for LEDs and switch once the nightlight is soldered (Katie)
  • (120 minutes, 2/23) got Pi to send texts to phone, looking into sending texts back

Week 5: February 24-March 2

  • (60 minutes, 2/24) met with Ethan to discuss software outline (whole group)
  • (30 minutes, 2/25) got text working with Node.js (Johnny)
  • (120 minutes, 2/25) tried to get webhook working to reply to texts (Johnny)
  • (60 minutes, 2/26) set up Lightsail server (Johnny)
  • (60 minutes, 2/26) researched ways to set up camera/motion sensor, added tabs to keep lid on base of nightlight (Katie)
  • (90 minutes, 2/27) set up camera with raspberry pi and created code in python to take and save pictures, didn't know how to code it in Node.js

  • Things to work on next week: getting the camera set up with the raspberry pi and figuring out how to text pictures from it with Twilio, setting up motion sensor/brainstorming ideas to not take picture of person who walks by the door,