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==Week 13: April 14-April 20==
==Week 13: April 14-April 20==
*Goals: finish project, finish Designs and Solutions, Poster (posted under links)
*Goals: finish project, finish Designs and Solutions, Poster (posted under links)
*(60 minutes, 4/15) Adjusted and improved 3D housing (Andrew)

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Week 1: January 20-26

  • 1 hour meeting in class to finalize group members and discuss project ideas

Week 2: January 27 - February 2

  • 30 minute group meeting with Ethan and Professor Fehr to discuss specifics of the project
  • Discussed completing Night Light and Amazon Web Service Projects
  • Planned meeting for the 30th to decide the mechanical portion of the project
  • Added the red light to the design of the project, got rid of the locking aspect
  • 30 minute group meeting on 1/30 to determine final hardware of project
  • 1 hr starting blackjack and downloading software (Katie)
  • 1.5 hours setting up Gantt chart and budget
  • 30 minute group meeting to finalize wiki project proposal
  • 2 hours work on Blackjack, stuck on setting up respository structure (Johnny)
  • 2 hours building night light circuit and attempting to set up raspberry pi, got stuck on entering username and password
  • Goals for next week: Finish Night Light, Set up Raspberry Pi, Work on Blackjack

Week 3: February 3 - February 9

  • 1 hour research on texting capabilities from Pi (Johnny)
    • Twilio can send text and image
  • Met with Ethan and Professor Fehr, decided to focus on Raspberry Pi setup and figuring out how to text the Raspberry Pi
    • Begin to think about presentation slides
  • Encountered issues with logging into Raspberry Pi, downloaded different version of operating system, trying again on Thursday
  • Finished setting up Raspberry Pi, could SSH, but struggling to get Pi to email IPN (Johnny)
  • 1 hour research on Twilio's ability to and costs of sending SMS and picture messages, still unsure if two way communication is possible (Katie)
  • Attempted to get Pi to email IPN, tried new password and still stuck (Katie)

Week 4: February 10 - February 16

  • Met in lab (1.5 hours) to work on nightlight and various raspberry pi projects (Andrew and Katie)
    • Attempted again to finish the SSHing of raspberry pi, still unsuccessful at getting Pi to email IPN
    • added an additional LED to the night light project
    • wrote code in python to get our raspberry pi to blink an LED on and off
  • Made outline for presentation (Johnny)
    • Added presentation to project page
  • Plan to outline code
  • Goals: finish Blackjack, complete goal outline, buy parts, get Twilio texting
  • Got the Pi email working (Johnny)
  • Worked on Blackjack Tutorial 1 hour (Johnny)

Week 5: February 17-23

  • Goals: get camera working, work on blackjack, wireframe code/ui, get texting working, finish nightlight
  • (30 minutes) Finished presentation for Friday (Johnny)
  • (90 minutes) Worked on Blackjack, confused with Client Script (Johnny)
  • (60 minutes, 2/21) Worked on presentation for Friday (Katie)
  • (30 minutes, 2/21) Ordered motion sensor from designated link (Katie)
  • (90 minutes, 2/22) worked on learning Onshape and printing 3D box (Katie)
  • (120 minutes, 2/22) learned soldering and assembled night light perfboard (Andrew)
  • (60 minutes, 2/23) worked more on printing 3D box for nightlight, done with everything just need to confirm positions of openings for LEDs and switch once the nightlight is soldered (Katie)
  • (120 minutes, 2/23) got Pi to send texts to phone, looking into sending texts back

Week 6: February 24-March 2

  • (60 minutes, 2/24) met with Ethan to discuss software outline (whole group)
  • (30 minutes, 2/24) debugged night light soldering after group meeting (Andrew)
  • (30 minutes, 2/25) got text working with Node.js (Johnny)
  • (120 minutes, 2/25) tried to get webhook working to reply to texts (Johnny)
  • (60 minutes, 2/26) set up Lightsail server (Johnny)
  • (60 minutes, 2/26) researched ways to set up camera/motion sensor, added tabs to keep lid on base of nightlight (Katie)
  • (90 minutes, 2/27) set up camera with raspberry pi and created code in python to take and save pictures, didn't know how to code it in Node.js (Katie)
  • (60 minutes, 2/27) tried to set up motion sensor, wrote script and started wiring (Johnny)
  • (120 minutes, 3/1) worked on setting up motion sensor, got a blinking light to work and wrote script for motion sensor (intruder vs no intruder) but seems to be problem with input (Katie)

  • Things to work on next week: getting the camera set up with the raspberry pi and figuring out how to text pictures from it with Twilio, setting up motion sensor/brainstorming ideas to not take picture of person who walks by the door, wireframe

Week 7: March 3-March 9

  • (90 minutes, 3/4) worked on texting the PI (Johnny)
  • (60 minutes, 3/4) met with Ethan to work on motion detection (group)
  • (60 minutes, 3/9) set up AWS database, with tables and columns as discussed in group meeting (Johnny)
  • Goals: see how much image costs to send, install openCV, wireframe log, pi update AWS page

Week 8: March 10-March 16

  • Goals: Katie wireframe, investigate costs, Johnny Pi respond to text, set up database
  • (90 minutes, 3/12) finished texting back to Pi in node.js (Johnny)
  • (30 minutes, 3/10) created ui wireframe (Katie)
  • (90 minutes, 3/11) watched tutorials and researched AWS facial recognition, set up S3 with images(Katie)
  • (60 minutes, 3/12) finished sending pictures from Pi to phone in node.js (Johnny)
  • (90 minutes, 3/15) facial recognition work (Katie)

Week 9: March 17-March 23


(use UNIX timestamp, not timestamp) Newmodel205.png]

  • (30 minutes, 3/20) working with AWS trying to use recognition to compare two images in s3 bucket (Katie)
  • (60 minutes, 3/21) still working on recognition code, getting errors locating credentials (Katie)
  • (120 minutes, 3/22) retried motion sensor (goes between 0 and 1 but not consistently, going to try in a different setting than lab), wrote code to take picture and send it to s3 successfully (realpi2s3.py), was able to run parts of facial recognition such as detect faces on images from s3 bucket but some parts such as compare faces and printing the output is still not working (Katie)
  • (90 minutes, 3/23) tried to change Pi code to run on server, tried to push picutres (Johnny)
  • (120 minutes, 3/23) worked on the compare faces function of recognition and was able to compare images from s3 bucket. Images show similarity between pictures of Andrew, Johnny and Katie. Created map of project. (Katie)

Compare1.png] Compare2.png]

  • (60 minutes, 3/24) code can now compare an image to a list of images and provide results and time stamp is initiated and image is saved in s3 with timestamp as title (Katie)
  • (60 minutes, 3/24) tried to upload code to server, still cannot SSH into server or access database through MySQl (Johnny)
  • Goals: get Pi to interact with AWS, get sensor working, send photo to database

Week 10: March 24-March 30

  • (30 minutes, 3/25) tried to fix motion sensor (Katie, Johnny, Andrew)
  • (30 minutes, 3/25) uploaded code from pi to GitHub (Johnny)
  • (60 minutes, 3/25) worked on fixing AWS (Johnny)
  • (60 minutes, 3/25) set up SSH, worked on motion sensor (Katie)
  • (90 minutes, 3/27) set up server to send texts and images using Twilio (Johnny)
  • (30 minutes, 3/27) tried to get motion sensor working again, reworked AWS keys from reset (Katie)
  • (60 minutes, 3/28) got server to send pictures from s3 (Johnny)
  • (100 minutes, 3/28) got pi to take picture send it to s3 and use taken picture in facial recognition, issues with speed of process (Katie)
  • (60 minutes, 3/31) AutoCAD relearning and familiarization, planning design for the 3D-printed housing (Andrew)

Week 11: March 31-April 6

  • (60 minutes, 4/2) Worked on Design and Solutions (Johnny)
  • (60 minutes, 4/3) Worked on testing motion sensor, works without raspberry pi (Katie)
  • (90 minutes, 4/3) Worked on combining S3 and server, fixed database (Katie and Johnny)
  • (120 minutes, 4/4) Worked on website (Johnny)
  • (120 minutes, 4/7) Worked on AWS recognition tutorial (Katie)
  • Goals: pick tutorial topic, design and solutions, work on motion sensor, pm2 receiving

Week 12: April 7-April 13

  • (120 minutes, 4/7) Met with Ethan to work on connecting Facial Recognition and texting (Katie, Johnny, Andrew)
  • (60 minutes, 4/7) Finished the tutorial, worked with motion sensor (Katie)
  • (60 minutes, 4/10) Rewired motion sensor and added button to design and code as a backup for motion sensor (Katie)
  • (90 minutes, 4/10) Met with Ethan to finish connecting Facial Recognition and texting (Katie, Johnny, Andrew)
  • (90 minutes, 4/11) Made box and box lid in AutoCAD and sent files to Ethan for review (Andrew)
  • (120 minutes 4/12) Worked on connecting motion sensor to pi and added LED's in recognition code to indicate which part of the process is occurring. (Katie)
  • (60 minutes, 4/14) adjusted motion sensor sensitivity, connected motion sensor to pi with battery still attached and got accurate readings on pi (Katie)

Goals: get parts working together, get motion sensor working, finish Design and Solutions

Week 13: April 14-April 20

  • Goals: finish project, finish Designs and Solutions, Poster (posted under links)
  • (60 minutes, 4/15) Adjusted and improved 3D housing (Andrew)