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Project Overview

A group of two students will spend the semester building a working prototype of an RFID-controlled door lock. The locking mechanism would be a deadbolt attached to a small servo motor, which in turn would be controlled by an Arduino Uno. An inexpensive RFID reader (wired to the Arduino) would allow for access to the locked door via a small RFID tag.

In addition to designing and building a functional system, the student group will need to take practical considerations into account. Is this hands-free locking mechanism portable? How is the system’s immediate and long-term functionality limited by its need for a power source? How secure is RFID technology? Could additional security measures (such as voice recognition) be easily incorporated into the locking system? What happens when the user misplaces their RFID tag? How might this system allow you to monitor who has accessed the locked room?

By the end of the semester, the students should strive to have a working prototype that they can easily demonstrate. For instance, the students could install the system on a small mock door at their demonstration table. In addition to the live demonstration of the working locking mechanism, the students could have a video demonstrating a fully-installed system. While the core system may not be too difficult design and build, the wide variety of practical considerations that could be taken into account make this project challenging and rewarding.


  • Rushing through the planning/design process will make building the system and writing the code a lot more complicated.
  • Securing the servo motor to the deadbolt
  • Figuring out what to do when an RFID tag is lost by the user, or when the system loses power (Should it stay locked? Does it work properly once it has power again?)
  • Dividing the work fairly and efficiently among the group members.


  • Arduino Uno –– $24.95
  • Small servo motor -- $12.95
  • RFID Reader (ID-12LA model from ID Innovators) –– $29.95
  • Compatible RFID Tags –– $1.95 /tag
  • Misc. wires, cables, resistors, LEDs, etc. –– ~$20
  • Deadbolt (for demonstration purposes) –– $10

Total: $100

Gantt Chart