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Week of February 7th
  • Completed project proposal
  • Researched options for purchasing parts
  • Ordered DIY RC kit
  • Built RC car and a simple circuit to test functionality
Week of February 14th
  • Finalized budget items and added links
  • Edited proposal to best reflect our goals
  • Began research on coding with Leap Motion, Java, and signal transmittal via Bluetooth
Week of February 21st
  • Continued research on coding with Leap Motion
  • Scheduled first project evaluation
  • Placed orders for all necessary parts
Week of February 28th
  • Most parts arrived
  • Began testing the interface between Leap motion and Java
  • Conducted more research on bluetooth signals
    • RXTX library for Eclipse?
    • Limited in type of signals to send
  • Working prototype of encoder with LED and photo detector
    • Began 3D printing component to fix the encoder to the chassis
Week of March 6th
  • Wrote code to connect computer to Arduino via COM port
  • All parts arrived
  • Implemented 3-D printed encoder on the robot
  • Soldered the Driver shield for the Arduino
Week of March 20th
  • Wrote Arduino sketch incorporating encoder so robot can be instructed to move a certain distance
  • Testing of bluetooth connection via Arduino and bluetooth dongle
    • Encountered error of Bluetooth COM port already in use
    • More testing and research necessary next week to fix this issue
  • Found code online to help with Leap output and how to transmit it via bluetooth
Week of March 27th
  • Made encoder for second wheel
  • Wrote Arduino code that incorporates the encoder with preprogrammed motion
  • Continued testing bluetooth connection
    • Successfully connected via Tera Term but unable to send data
    • May need more help in the future to solve this difficult problem
Week of April 3rd
  • Finished Java code with hand tilting downwards effecting speed magnitude
  • Implemented Java code so a hand far to the left or right of the Leap module turns the direction of the bot
  • More testing
Week of April 10th
  • Established successful connection to bot with Tera Term software and were able to output values of 1, 2, 3, and 4 to control the speed
  • Implemented WASD control scheme to drive the robot still within Tera Term
  • Arduino and Java code work together when hard-wired to the computer
    • Successfully can control the speed of the robot with the tilt of the hand
Week of April 10th
  • Moved all necessary files for demo over to personal laptop
  • 3D printing a cover for the electrical components and cleaning up the look of the RC car
  • Creating slides for poster