Prototype Board Use

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  • Materials
    • Prototype board
    • Soldering iron and solder wire
    • Extra wires
    • Components you're connecting to the board
  • Prepare layout
    • Think about how to make your layout efficient
    • Sketch layout
  • Practice
    • If you've never soldered before, practice on a few extra slots in your prototype board before you try it with your components


The Basics

  • Place the soldering iron in its stand and heat it to about 650 to 700 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Touch the tip of the soldering iron to the component's wire for a few seconds, then touch the solder to the other side of the component's wire (the solder should melt around the hole the component's wire is in)
  • As soon as there's a strong connection, remove the soldering iron tip from the wire

Be careful with how long the tip is on the component, as components can overheat.

Tips for Prototype Boards

  • To connect multiple components in series or parallel, drag the top of the soldering iron across the already-soldered holes