Project Proposal Guidelines

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Your project proposal must contain (at least) the following sections:

  • Overview: One paragraph summary of your project.
  • Link to weekly log: Also put a link to your main page from log page.
  • Team Members: Include TA and instructor.
  • Objectives: Clearly describe what do you consider a successful project. You can also describe how you are going to demonstrate your project at the end of the semester.
  • Challenges: Main challenges that need to be addressed by the team to complete the project. Besides describing your personal challenges (e.g., learn a new computer language, design a complex circuit, etc.), you should also describe how you will address issues such as:
    • privacy considerations
    • user safety
    • security from malicious attacks
    • operation cost
    • etc.
  • Gantt Chart: Chart showing the project schedule vs. the different tasks that need to be solved. The Gantt chart should roughly indicate the contributions of each team member. See this link to wikipedia's Gantt Chart article for more information.
  • Budget: List of items to be purchased, including exact price and provider. General items, such as "cables", are not allowed, you must identify exactly which cable do you need to purchase.


  • The proposal is part of your "contract" of what your group will do and factors into your grade. For this reason, you should not change objectives identified in the proposal unless those changes are approved by the instructor.

  • When selecting a project, keep in mind that the project difficulty should be selected with the aim that ALL group members will average at least 6 hours a week outside of class on the project. Of course, this time will vary as some members will have heavier loads with respect to other courses, but weeks with less effort should be balanced by those with more effort.

  • As always, reach out to your TA or professor if you have questions.

  • Remember that this proposal is part of your final evaluation.