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Project Overview

It was a dark and stormy night... and it was so dark and stormy that you were in your house and couldn't see anything and tripped, fell and broke your arm. We wish to solve this epidemic of broken arms due to it being too dark by creating a light which automatically turns on in the dark, lighting up the darkness and making nighttime navigation possible!

Group Members

  • Ethan Shry
  • Tony Sancho-Spore

Project Proposal



We wish to construct a night light so that we are able to find our way around the house at night, even without turning the lights on, without having to manually flip a switch. We want to be able to put our night light into a standard light socket so that there is a way to store the night light easily without concern for losing it or stepping on it, and we also want there to be a way to turn the light on and off so as to not waste battery when not in use.

Gantt Chart

Night-light-gantt-chart.png Media:night-light-gantt-chart.png


100K Ohm Resistor: 330 Ohm Resistor: Photo Resistor (5mm GL5537): 9V Battery: 2N3904 NPM transistor: 2 5mm white LEDs: Slide Switch (adafruit product #805):

Total Cost:

Code and CAD Files

All the CAD Files for this project can be found on TODO PUT LINK HERE

Design And Solutions