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User creation

Each member of the group must have two accounts, one to use this wiki, another to use our google group:

  1. Follow this link to request a new account in the wiki. Make sure to include the current semester (i.e. Spring 2016) as well as your generation year in your biography.
  2. Follow this link to request access to our Google group. We will use this group to share questions among the groups, and also to keep a shared calendar with the lab's schedule.

Contact your TA

Email your TA! Introduce yourselves and setup a meeting to start preparing your project proposal.

Check that you have access to Urbauer Hall 015

All ESE205 registered students have keycard access to Urbauer Hall 015. Check that you can open the door with your WUSTL ID. Also, keep in mind that this is a shared lab were we keep expensive equipment, so be mindful of your peers and of the equipment's safety when you work there.

Create project page

Each group must create their project wiki page, which must include at least:

  • A fantasy name (which is also the title of the wiki page).
  • A short description detailing motivation and objectives.
  • A Gantt Chart (doesn't have to be fancy, a simple excel spreadsheet with painted boxes is enough).

At the end of this page you have to add the following code:

[[Category:Spring 2016 Projects]]

Also, each group must create a page to keep their weekly log. The log must be updated every week with your progress. This log will be the most important part of your evaluation at the end of the semester. At the end of your log page you have to add the following code:

[[Category:Spring 2016 Logs]]

Update Lab Schedule

Once you are added to the class' Google group you can edit the calendar to coordinate your schedule with your TA (this is not mandatory, but highly recommended). We will use the schedule as a reservation mechanism for the devices in the lab, i.e. if you want to use the 3D printer for a long period of time then first reserve it in the calendar.

New to wiki's?

You can find general help about using and editing the wiki here. The following table is particularly useful when you edit a wiki page: